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Gain Hearing Network (GHN) Buying Group is designed to enable better pricing in the Independent hearing sector without compromising the clinical and operational autonomy of its members.

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Our Vision for Growth

The GHN Buying Group will enable independently owned clinics to achieve better purchasing power, and therefore strengthening the Independent market’s ability to compete with larger competitors. With increasing volumes, we see increasingly favorable arrangements for our members.

The Gain Hearing Buying Group Opportunity:

  • Gain Hearing has been designed to enable members favourable pricing with a broad range of manufacturers

  • Gain Hearing will enable your business to purchase without individual manufacturer volume commitment.

  • Gain Hearing will enable your clinical and operational autonomy. It allows your business to fit your clients with the most suitable products, without the pressure to fit the product that gives the best financial return.

  • Gain Hearing allows you to focus on the client needs and GHN looks after the pricing negotiations on your behalf.


How to Join

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